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Simple Plankton Nets
Closing Plankton Nets
Bongo Plankton Nets
Multi-Net (Tucker) Trawl
Student Plankton Nets
Stream Sampling Nets


Horizontal Water Samplers
Vertical Water Samplers
Student Water Samplers
Secchi Disks
Limnology Field Kits


Universal Percussion Corer
Gravity Corer
Russian Peat Borer
Piston Interface Corer
Large Bore Sediment Sampler
Pore-Water Sampling
Extension Rods and Percussion
Core Extruding Apparatus
Discrete Point Piston Corer


Plankton Traps
Haney Grazing Chambers
Light Traps
Limnocorrals, Microcosms, Enclosures


Utermoehl (Phytoplankton) Sedimentation Chambers
Folsom Plankton Sample Splitter
Motoda Plankton Sample Splitter
Zooplankton Counting Trays


Aquatic Research Instruments

Equipment and Services for Aquatic Research –Hydrobiology - Limnology - Oceanography – Paleolimnology – Marine Biology – Phytoplankton ecology – Zooplankton Ecology - Biogeochemistry

ARI manufactures simple, mechanically operated sampling instruments and laboratory equipment for collecting: water, sediments and plankton from virtually any aquatic environment.  

Our client base includes hundreds of Universities, Government Agencies and Private Consultants in over 100 countries. 

As our 25th field season approaches, we want to extend our sincere thanks to our loyal customers who have supported us throughout the years.  Your constructive comments have helped us optimize our product line, thus providing simpler and more robust “ground truthing” tools.  We feel absolutely privileged to work with some of brightest minds investigating some the world’s most difficult problems. 

Aquatic Research instruments constructs five (5) product lines including: 1. Water Samplers 2. Plankton Nets 3. Sediment Samplers 4. Plankton (Micro-Icthyo) Samplers 5. Sub-samplers and Microscopy Apparatus

Water Samplers

horizontal water sampler

Plankton Nets

Sediment Corers

sediment samplers

Plankton Samplers

plankton sample splitter

Subsamplers and Microscopy

plankton sample splitter


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