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Pressurized Pore-Water Squeezer

Pressurized Pore-Water Squeezer Unit Includes

  • polycarbonate core tube
  • (50 cm length; 9.5 cm I.D., 4mm wall), with threaded sampling ports at 2.0 cm intervals to accept nylon screws or Luer-Lock¨ syringe fittings (1/4"-28 NPT)
  • adjustable aluminum squeezing frame
  • designed to hold core tube while pistons slowly squeeze sediments and expell pore water samples into syringes
  • two, course threaded rods (10 cm diam.) fit into support flanges and thread into coupling nuts on piston assembilies
  • pistons are slowly pushed into core tube by turning plastic wing nuts on threaded rods
  • two, adjustable polyethylene piston assemblies
  • double integral "O" rings; piston assembiles are fitted into core tubes upon sample retrieval for transport of intact cores and subsequent core squeezing

In-Vitro Gas Flux Reactor Unit Includes:

  • Large Bore Sediment sampler unit
  • customized reactor caps
  • fabricated to meet the specific requirements of the investigations
  • call for details on various configurations


Jakoke, R.A., 1988. A simple, reliable, and inexpensive pore-water sampler., Limnol. Oceanogr. 13: 483-487. Herslem, R.M., 1976. An in situ sampler for close interval pore water studies., Limnol. Oceanogr. 21: 912-914.



  • Aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • one-ea clear polycarbonate core barrel (10 cm diam. x 60 cm) with holes drilled at 2.0 cm intervals and tapped with ¼-28 threads
  • 2-ea adjustable piston assemblies
  • threaded push rod assemblies with hardware
  • nylon hardware plugs and male Luer-Loc fittings (for syringe attachment)
  • complete: $485
  • Large Bore Corer Head, PVC construction, drives 10 cm core barrels, brass check valve complete: $255
  • Aluminum holobar extension rod w/ stainless steel couplers (40mm diam. x 2.4m): $122
  • Aluminum holobar extension rod w/ stainless steel couplers (40mm diam. x 1.2m): $69
  • Clear Polycarbonate Core Barrel (10 cm diam. x 60 cm), holes drilled at 2.0 cm intervals and tapped with ¼-28 threads, nylon hardware plugs, complete: $69
  • Adjustable Piston Assemblies, complete $65/ea.


Designed to mechanically squeeze samples for pore (interstitial) water extraction. Quality core samples can be recovered with Large Bore Core Head, to maximum water depths of about 12 meters, with Aluminum holobar extension rods. Adjustable Piston Assembly consists of a “sandwiched”, double ”O”-ring assembly which and can be easily compressed/decompressed.

This design allows one to plug the bottom of the core tube upon sample recovery and displace any air/gas on top of the core before the core barrel is placed into the squeezing rack. Nylon hardware plugs are replaced with Luer-Lock fittings and syringes prior to squeezing.

Threaded push rods are attached to piston assemblies with coupling nuts, while large wing nuts are turned to push pistons together. As core sample is squeezed, pore water follows a path of least resistance into the syringes.

  2.5 cm diameter Pore Water Sampler/ Squeezer Unit

pore  pore   pore  pore


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