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"Global Economy: Unique equipment business answers the calls in Leadore."

Will Shelby  

 Will Shelby

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President Clinton and Al Gore helping conduct research on Lake Tahoe with the use of an ARI Plankton net

ARI Plankton Net

Program Demonstration

Performance Verification of Sediment Sampling Technologies

EPA Site

Sediment sampling technologies are to be demonstrated under EPA’s SITE Program: Aquatic Research Instruments’ (ARI) Russian Peat Borer is one of those technologies. The technology demonstration is a cooperative effort of the SITE Program and EPA Regions 1 and 5.

The demonstration of the ARI Russian Peat Borer will be conducted under the MMT Program during the last week of April and the first week of May 1999 at sites in EPA Regions 1 and 5. The purpose of the demonstration is to obtain reliable performance and cost data on these innovative samplers in order to provide (1) a better understanding of innovative sediment samplers that may be more versatile, more cost-effective, and faster to use than conventional sediment samplers and (2) an opportunity for the innovative sediment samplers to enter the marketplace and compete with conventional samplers without long delays.

Program Demo

ARI Russian Peat Borer

The ARI Russian Peat Borer is a manually driven core sampler designed to consistently collect uncompressed samples of bog and marsh sediment. The sampler is designed to operate in shallow water (a depth of up to 15 feet) and to achieve complete sediment profile collection to a maximum depth of 65 feet bss, depending on the sediment thickness.

EPA Program Demonstration:

Sediment sampling technologies Document (89KB/PDF)

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