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Light Traps

Larval Fish and Aquatic Macro Invertebrate & Larval Fish Light Traps

  • Passive sampling of a broad range of planktonic organisms
  • Compact, rugged design is suitable for lotic, lentic and hatchery environments
  • Modified design includes an alternative light source, collection assembly and floatation device

light trap


Quadrafoil Type Larval Fish Light Traps Acc. to Secor

  • Cloverleaf Shaped Array, 30 cm (diameter) x cm x 25 cm (Height) with four entry slits x 5 (+/- 1.5) mm wide.
  • Robust design, clear polycarbonate construction w/fixed slit width x 5 (+/- 1.5) mm wide (custom split widths available)
  • Collection Basin/Seive x 250 micron (or specify mesh size)
  • Top plate closed cell flotation block
  • Central light tube 20 mm diameter x 25 cm long with cap
  • Rigging hardware, one chemical light stick

Commonly Used Light Sources (Light Source Not Included):

  • Chemical Light Sticks
  • Squid Fishing Jigs
  • Waterproof flashlights
  • LED pool lights


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