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Student Water Samplers

  • General purpose water samplers for student and volunteer monitoring groups
  • Suitable for collection of physical (temperature), chemical (dissolved gasses), and biological (photo-zooplankton stratification) data

vertical water samplerVertical Point Water Sampler

Sample tubes are vertically oriented to "free-flush" until desired depth is reached. The release mechanism provides reliable messenger activated sampler closure. Balls are loaded separately and held open during deployment by a spring-loaded release pin.

A second, tethered, messenger can also be attached to the release mechanism. When a messenger sliding down the line impacts the anvil of the release pin, the balls (under tension of a latex band) are released and pulled inside tube brushings while the suspended messenger is released actuating the closure of deeper bottles, attached to the same line, for serial ("in-series") collection of water at various depths.

These sampling cylinders are constructed using clear polycarbonate tubing which has considerably higher impact resistance than materials used in other similar type samplers. A liquid-spirit filled, armored thermometer is mounted inside the sample tube for instant temperature measurement.



Sampler Unit Includes:

  • 1.2 liter vertical water sampler
  • internally mounted armored thermometer (C or F) (optional: additional $60)
  • solid bronze messenger
  • 20 m calibrated line
  • plastic set line reel
  • directions
  • and carrying bag
  • complete $190


horizontal samplerHorizontal Point Water Sampler

Horizontal Water Samplers are ideal for thin layer temperature and chemical stratification monitoring. The messenger activated horizontal release mechanism is easy to load and provides reliable closures. It is important to move the sampler from side to side at the desired stratum to ensure sufficient "flow-thru" before closure.

Sampler Unit Includes:

  • 1.2 liter horizontal water sampler (sample cylinder identical to Vertical Point Water Sampler)
  • internally mounted armored thermometer (C or F) (optional: additional $60)
  • messenger
  • 20 m calibrated line
  • plastic reel
  • dissolved oxygen samplercarrying bag
  • directions
  • complete $190

Dissolved Oxygen Water Sampler

The D.O. Water Sampler is discrete depth water sampler designed to collect samplers for dissolved oxygen determination.

The sample chamber (total volume=400 ml) containing a 60 ml BOD bottle (overflows about six times) while air escapes through the "air-out" port.

The sampler is retreived, lid removed, and water sample "fixed" for the Winkler titration (D.O.) test.

D.O. Water Sampler Unit Includes:

  • sample chamber
  • DO water samplerBOD bottle and cap
  • directions
  • 20 m calibrated line
  • carrying case
  • plastic reel


  • Horizontal or vertical orientation
  • clear polycarbonate and polyethylene construction
  • heavy duty amber latex internal closure
  • stainless steel lanyards
  • simple-single-moving-part release mechanism
  • solid bronze messenger (300 gm)
  • 20 m calibrated line (0.5 m increments)
  • line-ree
  • nylon carry case
  • 1.2 liter capacity
  • complete $190

Internally mounted thermometers with armored case (centigrade, -5 to 45 degrees, liquid spirt filled): $60.

Best value for general limnological use for students and professionals. In-series sampling possible with vertical models and optional bronze split-messengers. Horizontal models useful for thin layer or near bottom studies (above, right). Heavy-duty latex internal closure is easily tightened or replaced with a simple “thread-on” assembly.

vertical sampler

1.0 l Vertical Student Water Samplers; "In-Series"

1.0 l Horizontal Student Water Sampler



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